High-Quality Glass Pipe Styles

Glass pipes combine form and function to create pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and useful for smoking. They are available in many different styles and colors, from simple to intricate. This allows users a wide variety of smoking experiences. Glass hand pipes are more detailed than glass tubes and provide a different smoking experience. When it comes to smoking, the quality of glass is one of the most important aspects of selecting a glass pipe. Higher quality glass makes for a better smoking experience. For superior smoking pieces in Stuart FL, New World Glass has a large selection. Here are some of the styles that New World Glass has to offer in Stuart FL.

Glass Pipes

A glass pipe is used for smoking and has advantages over other types of pipes. Unlike wood pipes or clay pipes, glass pipes do not have a distinct taste when smoking. Wood and clay pipes were once preferred for its taste when smoking. Advancements in cultivation have offered complex varieties of tobacco blends that have resulted in different tastes. This variety of different and unique flavors has made glass pipes popular with smokers. Aside from tasteless smoke, glass pipes offer a purer smoking experience for the user.

Sherlock or Gandalf Pipes

Sherlock or Gandalf glass pipes are named after the iconic pipes smoked by those literary figures. The two pipes are typically made out of wood, but they are now offered in glass pipe form. They feature the same style as their wooden counterparts such as a large bowl with a gracefully arching stem. The bottom of the bowl is typically flattened to allow the pipe to stand freely when not being held. Since these types of glass pipes do not feature a chamber, the smoking experience can be harsh.

Spoon Pipe

Spoon pipes are a bit more sophisticated than glass pipes as they feature a carburetor. The carburetor, or carb for short, works similar to a carburetor on an early automobile. The carburetor allows for additional air to be drawn. Since additional air is being drawn in for a spoon pipe, the tobacco burns faster, creating a potent inhale. Glass pipes with a carb produce a fresher smoke and overall better smoking experience. With a spoon pipe, the capacity for tobacco is larger, providing a longer smoking experience.


Another type of glass pipe is a bubbler. While being made of glass, bubblers offer a different smoking experience than a glass pipe does. What makes bubblers unique is their design as it allows a chamber for water. A bubbler’s chamber allows smoke to be filtered by water, producing a smoother smoking experience. Bubblers are also designed to be visually appealing, offering a unique looking design. The design not only looks cool, but the smoking experience is better because of the filtration system.

High-Quality Glass Pipes

When researching what kind of glass pipe works best, make sure it is made with high-quality glass. What high-quality glass provides is a smoother smoking experience. They are also more durable than lower quality glass as they are more susceptible to breakage. New World Glass is Stuart Florida’s number one smoke shop. As a top-tier smoke shop, New World Glass has the finest selection of high-quality glass pipes and smoking devices. Shop our online collection of high-quality products at 772-261-8303 today.

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