Features :

  • Dodo bird recycler
  • Custom dip Northstar Purple Lilac / Glass Alchemy Blue Dream
  • Encased opal
  • 2-hole perc
  • Signed on base
  • Made in the USA

Specifications :

  • Height : 8 inches
  • Width : 3.5 inches
  • Joint orientation : 45 degree
  • Joint size : 10mm female

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We thought headies this awesome were EXTINCT! Unbelievable dodo recycler from Burtoni Glass features custom millie eyes and encased opal dripping down from his head. Colors used in this are a custom furnace dip of Northstar Glass Purple Lilac and Glass Alchemy Blue Dream. Percolation is achieved via 2-hole perc and funnel recycler that spins water from bottom into the top chamber for the perfect hit every time. Signed on base by artist.