What To Do If Your Water Pipe Breaks

As humans, we try to be in control of every aspect of our lives. We choose who our friend group is, where we work, who we fall in love with, and so on and so forth. We spend the majority of our days at work or in school doing our absolute best. When the day is done, we get to go home and rest after putting in the work. We grab our water pipe and prepare to enjoy ourselves, but it accidentally slips out of our hands and breaks. Too often do expensive glass blown water pipes or heady rigs break on accident. It can be absolutely devastating to see your favorite water pipe in your collection or your very first water pipe shatter into a million different pieces.

Attempt To Repair Their Water Pipe

Whether it be through improper use of the water pipe or an accident, the water pipe may break and become unusable. When this occurs, the owner may try to repair it. It may be impossible to do on your own, but a quick Google search for a “smoke shop near me” will point you in the right direction to people who would know best. While smoke shops might not have someone on staff who can repair the piece, they will be able to point you in the right direction of who will. Some unique water pipes and heady rigs may be unrepairable due to the sheer complexity of their design or how badly they were damaged. If this is the case, the owner will have no choice but to look for a replacement.

Consider Replacement

While a water pipe may mean a lot to someone emotionally, it is important to realize that nothing lasts forever.  While repairing them is nice, it may not always be possible. This makes replacing the pipe with a new piece the next best option. No new piece will ever be able to create the same memories you had with the broken water pipe, but it will be able to create new ones. Be open to new pieces that you would have never considered before. Now is your opportunity to buy yourself a brand new unique water pipe, so the possibilities are endless.

Search For A “Smoke Shop Near Me”

If a water pipe is a one-of-a-kind design, it may be irreplaceable. If interested in repairing your water pipe, contact New World Glass Gallery. They provide contact information and links to the Instagram account of every artist they feature in their shop. If anyone will be able to fix the broken water pipe, the original artist is going to have the best chance at doing so. If they are not available or no longer provide that service, finding another glass appraiser and having a picture of it can help them to return it back to what it looked like originally. If you’re looking for a new water pipe to replace the broken one, then make sure to visit New World Glass Gallery. They have many different water pipes available in their smoke shop and online. We know that glass pipes are an experience and not just a pipe. With New World Glass Gallery, you never have to worry about searching for a “Smoke Shop Near Me” again. We ensure that quality is always our number one priority. Call us today at (772) 261-8303 if you are looking to replace or repair your old water pipe or are an artist looking to sell.

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