Why A Heady Rig Can Enhance Your Experience

Smoke shops offer many different options for water pipes. For those who really get involved in their experience with a pipe, a heady rig may be the next step in revitalizing that feeling. In comparison to a more scientific design, heady rigs focus on the creativity of the experience rather than the practicality or function of a pipe. Consider making a step up by visiting a smoke shop to buy a design that suits the circumstances of the experience.

The Heady Rigs Experience Changes

The experience can interact with the pipe if the environment matches. If the room generally used for smoking is tiled, a scientific pipe can fit into the setting and make it feel more like a laboratory. From this, more creative thoughts can flourish. Heady rigs offer more than just this one theme. Many pop culture icons find their way into the structure of heady rigs. One example is of a Yoshi egg. This character is found in one of the more popular communal video games Mario Party. The inclusion of both the pipe and activity can provide an extra layer of meaning to a social gathering.

The long-term benefit of a heady rig is that no matter how much or little it is used, it can be useful for decorating a room. This means a heady rig can be stored out in the open and not look out of place. An investment in a more expensive pipe can give greater value than the immediate experience while smoking. Some rigs designed to look like owls serve as great statues for decorating. They can blend in with the environment or stand out to bring life to a room.

Water Pipe Designs Change the Smoke Flow

The air flow of heady rigs can often be more intricate than a scientific design. While scientific designs can have many chambers for controlling the smoothness of the smoke, a heady rig does so creatively. There are different types of configurations of these percolation chambers. One is the tree configuration which branches out from an original location. The honeycomb configuration has very symmetrical shapes like the figure it is named after. These intricate shapes filter more through the water the further the distance they go through pipes and can make the herb experience smooth.

New World Glass Gallery is a high-end smoke shop that believes that a pipe is more than a piece of glass. The experience enhancing properties of the right rig can be a great value. Only at our gallery can someone find such a wide variety of designs from local artists in the Treasure Coast area of Florida. Contact us at (772) 261-8303 for any inquiries.

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